Highly Trained Staff

Every one of the teachers that we source have a Qualified Teachus Status (QTS).

Our primary aim is to source teachers from the school who will have that extra understanding of how the school works and to make sure students become familiar with the staff who will be present at the start of the school.  However, if teachers cannot be sourced from the host school we will provide qualified teaching staff.

At UCL Academy, 2015

Maths & English Lessons

Setting the foundations to KS3.

The summer break can often be a long spell without and academic work which results in a slip in academia when students start secondary school.  Our aim is to make sure they are well equipped with the numeracy and literacy skills that are needed to begin Key Stage 3.  Our study guides have been created by our team of subject experts and our previous camps have seen an increase in student performance in numeracy and literacy.


Computer Programming

Develop the next big app!

We will host special programming classes to inspire students to learn and develop apps, equipping them with valuable skills not just for school but for later life.

At Crookhorn College, 2015

Drama and Singing

Building confidence through our range of drama and singing activities!

Students really enjoy our drama workshops which are specially developed to help students improve their confidence which aids transition into secondary school There are various activities that are provided during the lessons and have underlying themes relevant to children starting secondary school.

Brent’s Got Talent, 2012


Let’s get fit!

Leading a healthy lifestyle has many obvious benefits. Student have the opportunity to take part in sports and fitness sessions and they will also be provided with a talk on healthy eating and exercise.  Our sports and fitness lessons can be tailored depending on the school and it’s facilitates.

At Copland School, 2013

Day Trips!

Our day trips make the summer camp memorable.

All students relish the trips we take them on.  We have a wide range of different trips that we organise for the students ranging from the zoo, chocolate factory, West End musicals to theme parks (depending on location).

The Mandeville School at Thorpe Park, 2015


Hungry? Try our lunches!

We are big on lunches and cater for fresh, nutritional and tasty meals for students (and teachers) to enjoy!  Sourcing from only the finest local producers, ensuring a high standard of quality.

Catering at London Enterprise Academy, 2015

Student & School Report

Providing analysis on the summer camp and individual student reports.

At the start of the summer camp children will be required to perform a short online assessment in numeracy and literacy.  These are the baseline tests that we conduct to check and differentiate groups based on ability.  They will also provide a very short questionnaire that seeks to gather information on how they are feeling.  These tests are then done at the end of the summer camp and a report is produced and provided to the school outlining any concerns on students, possible SEN or G&T and a full set of results from the online assessments. 

Who can take part?

Schools are encouraged to provide the summer camp funding for students who are transitioning to secondary school although other year groups can also attend.  Students who would benefit most would be those within the FSM, Ever6, under attaining and ESL cohort. 

Will I get stationery?

Students who take part in the summer camp are provided resources that they will get to keep.  Depending on your summer camp you will receive a drawstring bag that will include;


Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, highlighter and a scientific calculator.


Including a dictionary, thesaurus, drinks bottle, study guides and workbooks.


Including educational software.